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Quillbot Premium Access – Lifetime – Extension

Quillbot Premium Account Access

We all know that Quillbot is an AI-powered writing tool that lets users rewrite, edit, and improve their writing. Quillbot is a great tool for writers, bloggers, and anybody who wants to improve their written communication since it uses natural language processing to provide rephrasing, recommendations for word choice, sentence structure, and overall tone.

But, in order to use Quillbot’s top-tier capabilities, users must pay for a premium subscription, which may be out of reach for certain people.


This blog post will explain how to get your Quillbot Premium account for free, giving you lifetime access to Quillbot Premium. First, however, I’d want to go through the key distinctions between the free and paid versions of Quillbot.


Quillbot Free vs Quillbot Premium

Quillbot comes in a free and paid version. The free version allows users to rewrite a certain amount of phrases and sentences per day, but it otherwise has some restrictions in its functionality. But Quillbot’s subscription edition, or paid version, allows you unrestricted use of all of the premium features, such as grammatical correction, tone analysis, translations, a plagiarism checker, and more.

When comparing Quillbot Free with Quillbot Premium, you’ll acknowledge a few important distinctions:

  • Rephrasing: Both the free and paid versions of Quillbot have tools to rewrite text so that it is easier to read, has a better tone, and is written better overall. Nevertheless, you may only rephrase a certain number of phrases in the free version. But with Premium, you may rephrase as many times as you want.
  • Daily sentence limit: The free version of Quillbot is restricted to a daily sentence count, whereas the paid version gives users unlimited use of the tool.
  • Grammar correction: The premium version of Quillbot comes with advanced grammatical correction tools, while the free version does not.
  • Tone analysis: Quillbot’s premium version includes tools for analysing your writing tone so you can make the necessary alterations. This functionality is not available in the free version.
  • Writing suggestions: Both the free and paid versions of Quillbot provide advice on how to improve your writing by changing things like word choice and sentence structure. But there are restrictions on what may be done with the free versions.
  • Technical support: Paid customers may contact the service’s developers with any questions or problems they’re having with the application, whereas free users can’t.
  • Cost: The premium edition of Quillbot charges a monthly subscription to access the premium features, while the free version is accessible without charge.

Can we trust Quillbot?

Yes, we can trust Quillbot. But don’t go for blind trust. It’s important to remember that it’s not perfect and may not always produce accurate or appropriate suggestions. As with any AI-powered tool, it’s important to carefully review and edit the suggestions provided by Quillbot to ensure that the final output is accurate and meets your needs.


In conclusion, Quillbot is a powerful writing tool that can help users to improve their writing by providing suggestions for word choice, sentence structure, and overall tone. Whether you’re a student, Teacher, writer, blogger, or anyone looking to improve your written communication, Quillbot has something to offer. The free version provides basic rephrasing capabilities, while the premium version provides access to advanced features and unlimited tool use. Quillbot can be useful for improving writing, but it should be used as a starting point and not relied on entirely. Consider your needs and budget before deciding between the free and premium versions of Quillbot.

Get Quillbot Premium for Free - Lifetime Access

Use Quillbot Premium Extension - Follow the Steps carefully.

  1. First, You Need to Download the extension from the download button.
  2. Extract the downloaded file.
  3. Open your Google Chrome browser, from the upper right corner click on three dots > More Tools > “Extensions.”
  4. Now from the upper right corner enable “Developers Mode” and click on “Load Unpacked.”
  5. When click, you File Explorer will open, and select the Extracted Quillbot Premium File. (Quillbot Premium > Extension). Remember, load that subfolder named “extension”.
  6. Now Go to the Quillbot website, and a pop-up message will appear, saying Quilbot Premium Crack Needs to verify that you are human.
  7. You can scroll to a specific number which that pop-up tells or type this code in the box: @/??stdw.fueh:72!;
  8. Now you need to log in with your Gmail account.

That’s it; you get Premium Quillbot – If no popup appears asking you to enter anything, all good to go. No need to do anything.

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