Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Cookies are just a piece of Code that holds the website’s data like its credentials, access, and all other information. These cookies have nothing to do with the user’s data. So it is totally safe to use them.

You must also get the user’s consent. Consent must be actively and clearly given. There is an exception for cookies that are essential to provide an online service at someone’s request (eg to remember what’s in their online basket, or to ensure security in online banking).

Cookies can expire. A cookie with no expiration date specified will expire when the browser is closed. These are often called session cookies because they are removed after the browser session ends (when the browser is closed). Cookies with an expiration date in the past will be removed from the browser.

Not all cookies track your location. Specifically, Tracking cookies can collect information about the sites you visit, the pages you looked at within a website, products you might have clicked on, purchases you’ve made, etc. CookiesCEO has nothing to do with Tracking Cookies. We respect your privacy.

Logging out from the website will log out from all the sessions which were currently running. So don’t log out.

Yes, we update Premium Cookies on a daily basis so you keep accessing to premium features of that site. We also provide cookies if someone logout and sessions on that end, just sent an email to “admin.cookiesceo.com” and we’ll deliver updated cookies to your Mail within a minutes.